First Matt Riddle replaced Stephen Thompson to face Besam Yousef, but then Yousef was injured himself. So, now John Maguire steps in to face Ultimate Fighter alum. Riddle in a bout that is slightly more interesting than the original. In Thompson and Yousef you had two fighters that have yet to truly prove themselves in the octagon, but in Maguire and Riddle you have two fighters ready to prove that they are ready for a bigger challenge. UFC 154 takes place in Canada and is headlined by Georges St Pierre versus reigning interim champion Carlos Condit. The fight card takes place on November 17th.

John Maguire was well on his way to proving he was ready for a top contender in the division after two straight wins and a fantastic submission win against DeMarques Johnson. Unfortunately he ran into a roadblock when he took on border line welterweight contender John Hathaway in a rather one sided and boring affair. The fight was panned for most people not only because of Hathaway’s style to win the fight, but because Maguire looked relatively out of shape and unable to get off in the fight. He will have another chance to perform against Riddle.

Matt Riddle had a real shining performances in his last fight, but it was marred by a positive drug test for a drug he has been prescribed to use. The problem is he is allowed to smoke weed, but he is unable to do so within a certain time frame of the fight, especially when he fights in Canada. Lets hope he does not make the same mistake twice since this bout will be in Canada as well. Riddle was aiming for a bigger fight after his last win, but if he is as impressive here as he has been as of late, he may get the big match he has been hoping for.