John Lineker has been groomed for a future UFC flyweight title fight for over a year now.

However, Lineker has failed to make weight a number of times. And, he was recently topped by Ali Bagautinov.

One would think after those two things came together, Lineker would be planning a move to bantamweight to make things easier on himself.

You’d be wrong.

According to Lineker’s manager, Alex Davis, his fighter is sticking at 125 pounds.

“He’s not a bantamweight, he’s a flyweight,” said Davis, in an interview with “We’ll fix the issues and he will make weight.

“He was doing a great job with Dr. Marco Aranha in Brazil. He went to the U.S. lighter than he did in his previous fights, but he just ‘froze’ during the last cut. We don’t know what happens. He just things he won’t make weight; we did everything.”

Lineker (19-5) did make 126 pounds to keep things official, but he never got on track vs. Bagautinov. He has failed to get to that mark three times with the UFC.

Davis added that “I didn’t want a fight that early to begin with, but the UFC needed the fight so we had to accept it. I’ll make him make weight before his next camp. I’m confident that, when he makes 125 with no fight scheduled, he’ll realize he can make it.”