In an alternative universe, Brazilian John Lineker beats stud flyweight Ian McCall with explosiveness, deadly hands and a killer guillotine attempt, and in so doing, earns himself a crack at 125-pound king Demetrious Johnson. Sadly, we don’t live in that alternative universe, we live in this one – a place where Lineker┬ádoes indeed defeat “Uncle Creepy” on the UFC 183 prelims, but where the Brazilian has yet again failed to make weight for the flyweight cutoff, thereby rendering his impressive win a moot point.

Lineker, you see, has been banished from the flyweights by UFC president Dana White, who, like the rest of us, is sick of seeing the dude flub making the agreed upon pound limit. And such that is.

For the second and third rounds of their scrap, Lineker and McCall battled as if a title shot was going to be the ultimate reward, and with a left-and-right hook combo that sapped the life out of his opponent before our very eyes, and a couple guillotines that threatened to bring the bout to a sudden end, Lineker took the reigns and never let up. THAT was the kind of performance that would, under normal circumstances, build groundswell for a potential “Mighty Mouse” clash.

Too bad Lineker’s inability to cut weight and relegation to the 135-pound weight class means that match-up will never happen.

Lineker may have won at UFC 183, but it was the most hollow of victories.