John Cena has officially blown off the WWE, by not fulfilling his “WWE PPV Survivor Series” obligation as a referee. Following the stint, Cena was announced fired by Wide Barret. The 33 year old former body builder has recently explained that he will now be looking to become a top MMA fighter. Cena says he may not have the same combat experience as his  successful predecessor Brock Lesnar but he does have the drive to become great.

John Cena:

“I wasn’t that good a rapper, but I hustled and got a deal. I wasn’t that good of a wrestler, but I earned respect and became a champion. Now I look to take all of that and become the best cage fighter I can be.”

When asked his thoughts on a possible match-up with Dave Bautista in the Strikeforce promotions, Cena confidently said this.

“I retired him [Bautista]. I beat him while wrestling and I think I can beat him in the cage. I’d like to see if we can get that put together. I’m not an old man, but time is of the essence.

Not sure that a defeat in professional wrestling should be considered as means to a successful win in MMA, but I’m assuming perhaps he meant in the athletic department. Is Cena taking an MMA career as serious as other Pro Wrestlers that had made the transition?

Source: WatchKalibRun