Dim Mak is the ancient Chinese art of “death touch”. It’s been completely debunked as nonsense, but since Joe Rogan used the phrase “touch of death” in describing what Conor McGregor brings to a potential Floyd Mayweather bout, I figured I had to use the expression.

Anyway, Rogan was talking about McGregor’s chances on his podcast recently, and, yeah. Touch of death.

Courtesy of MMAFighting:

“That’s a freak athlete and those come along and when those come along, if they’re smart too, and then they’re really good at learning the sport too, a lot of people are f**ked. And that’s where Conor McGregor is. He’s a freak athlete in the sense that he has what Firas Zahabi . . . he calls it the ‘touch of death.’ That’s the best way to describe it. He just zaps people.

“Mayweather’s a way better boxer but the consequences of Conor hitting you should be greater.”

Rogan goes on to say that likely none of that matters because Mayweather has so much experience and McGregor has never even had a professional boxing match before, and that the gloves would likely lessen McGregor’s power as well as help Mayweather parry punches more effectively. In the end, Rogan suggests that Mayweather will likely win but he closes by paraphrasing McGregor’s insistence that Mayweather only has a chance because they will be boxing instead of fighting.