POWERFUL Joe Rogan, still has it. The former four-time Taekwondo champion can still throw a viscous spinning kick with precision.

Following a recent Joe Rogan Experience Podcast in which he had on Muay Thai legend and now coach to Team Alpha Male Duane Ludwig on the show — we see the release of the video above by “Bang”.

The UFC’s head color commentator is also a black belt in jiu-jitsu and a hilarious comedian that I highly recommend. You can also catch his new show on SyFy titled “Joe Rogan Questions Everything.” A one hour series on controversial topics that are yet to be proven such as aliens, Bigfoot, chem-trails, robosapiens etc.  Very entertaining as well, just a warning, the wacky, rapid transitions are a bit over produced, but that’s Hollywood for you. We still love you Hollywood Joe.