In case you somehow had ever questioned the greatness of middleweight champ Anderson Silva (really?), color commentator Joe Rogan is here to set you straight. During last nights (June 18) showing of UFC Ultimate Insider on Fuel TV, we received a plethora of highlight reel finishes by “The Spider.”  Even as he knocks on 40s door, he seems to miraculously get better.

Watch as he plays with Stephan Bonnar against the cage, he finishes his nemesis Chael Sonnen with ease, he takes out Yushin Okami with pinpoint accuracy. That’s just as of late. Don’t forget the front kick to the chin of current contender Vitor Belfort or the embarrassing jab knockout of Forrest Griffin. We can do this all day, but you’re better suited to just sit back and enjoy “Rogan’s Riff.”

Anderson Silva will look to defend his title against undefeated top contender Chris Weidman at UFC 162 in Las Vegas, NV on July 6.