Joe Rogan proves to be more fan than commentator for the UFC. From his outspoken stance on the Mark Hunt Movement, and now his thoughts on not having Josh Barnett in the UFC. You have to wonder if he should be so outspoken on what should happen in the company he works for.

“He could be number one. It’s very possible. Barnett, not having him in the UFC is a huge disservice to MMA fans. He was great back then (in his first stint with the UFC). He beat Randy (Couture), back in the day. He’s just very seasoned. One of the most seasoned guys in the heavyweight division. When you look at quality of opponents, there’s really no one that’s fought the type of guys that he’s fought, that’s at the top right now. You know, there’s very talented guys, like dos Santos and Overeem, but when it comes to fighting the best MMA fighters and fighting the best heavyweight guys in the world, Josh, he’s right up there with everyone, with all the elites. So, I think it’s imperative that get in the UFC. I hope him and Dana become buddies. They just need one night of drinking together.”

With all the controversies surrounding Overeem and his failed drug test would it be the right time to bring in a fighter who has multiple failed drug test? It was only a few years ago that Josh Barnett failed a test before a big match with Fedor and brought the end to the short lived Affliction fight promotion. Given he is a phenomenal fighter, with an impressive resume, and a varied skill set. Many people thought it was not smart of the UFC to gamble on a fighter many people thought had taken performance enhancing drugs in Alistair Overeem. Now, should they gamble on a fighter that has botched events in the past?