Brendan Schaub suffered a bitter defeat this past Saturday at UFC 181: a first round TKO at the hands of Travis Browne.

Schaub and Browne had engaged in a war of words prior to the bout, and even jawed at each other after the bout was stopped. But when the horn sounded Saturday in Las Vegas, the last laugh belonged to Browne.

It was the fourth time Schaub has been stopped on strikes within one round — and each has happened in the last five years. He has now managed just two wins in his last six UFC outings.

Yesterday, Schaub’s friend, UFC commentator Joe Rogan, offered the 31-year old fighter some “tough love” as the two engaged in their frequent “The Fighter & The Kid” podcast.

“I worry about where you stand,” Rogan said. “I think you have one foot out the door. I think you’re looking at where the future can take you, and you can’t do this forever.”

“You have to think about the future,” Rogan implored Schaub. “You have to think about brain damage… you have to know, if you keep going, it’s coming.”

“I don’t see you beating Cain Velasquez (and) I don’t see you beating Fabricio Werdum,” Rogan said later. “The reality of your skill set where it is now, I don’t see you being the elite guys.”

“It’s not that you don’t try hard, it’s not that you’re not disciplined,” Rogan flatly declared. “There’s s–t other people can do that you can’t.”

“I’m saying this as a friend,” Rogan said, describing how he believed Schaub would be manhandled by Velasquez. “I’m saying this as someone who loves you… there’s a bridge between you and the very best, and I don’t know that you can cross that.”

Schaub offered little in response, evincing surprise that Rogan was communicating in this manner on-air — but Rogan insisted that a live conversation during a broadcast was Schaub’s idea, and the matter was too serious to not be addressed. Rogan described persistent headaches during his own kickboxing career, which led to his departure from the sport at 21.

“This is the reality. I have seen too many fighters slurring with their words,” Rogan said towards the end of the podcast.

A video of the podcast is here: