The MMA career of Joe Riggs has already spanned 54 fights, including an eight-bout stint with the UFC in the mid-2000’s; and victory at the first (and only) season of Bellator MMA’s Fight Master reality series last year.

It was almost all over with one errant gunshot back in July, courtesy of an accidental discharge from Riggs’ handgun at his Arizona home. The shot narrowly missed his femoral artery, and doctors said Riggs would never fight again due to injuries to his hand — but, he’s seemingly beaten the odds to continue his fighting career.

Riggs begins his second chance at UFC glory at next month’s UFC on FOX card in his hometown of Phoenix — and, he tells MMA Junkie Radio, he’s got a film crew documenting every step.

Riggs hopes to release the footage in a documentary entitled “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.”

“It’s going to be better than ‘The Smashing Machine’ and ‘Like Water,’ not because I’m the better man, but just because I’ve had a crazy f–king life,” Riggs explained, referencing earlier MMA documentaries which profiled Mark Kerr and Anderson Silva.

The documentary will include Riggs’ preparation for UFC on FOX 13, where he will face Ben Saunders. Assisting Riggs will be John Crouch at The MMA Lab — a team that includes Ben Henderson and other standouts.

Riggs credits Crouch with turning his training around and says he’s finally in a good place mentally.

“When my run in the UFC is over, whether it be two fights or five years, I’m the best fighter I’ve ever been in my life,” he said. “I’m going to give it my all. I’ve always just wanted one last shot. When I was younger, my mental capacity wasn’t there, and now I’m able to perform.

“I’m at peace with whatever happens; I just want to fight the best and see how I stack up against them. If it lasts for a long time, that’s good, and if it doesn’t, I’m at peace with it.”