Not only is Joe Lauzon stud enough to take out a legend, but he absolutely does not need a ref to tell him when the fight is over – he decides for himself.

Taking on former PRIDE FC champ Takanori Gomi at tonight’s UFC on FOX installment, Lauzon entered into the bout the favorite, and it didn’t take long for the justification for that to become apparent. For about the first minute and a half of the round, the American stood and banged with the Japanese legend, unafraid – and more than capable – of handling the fight where Gomi’s strengths were.

But then came Lauzon’s takedown, his seemingly effortless transition into back-mount, and when he flattened Gomi out, it was as if the choke was inevitable. It wasn’t though, as Lauzon just kept hammering away. When Gomi went limp, Lauzon rose to his feet and walked away…

…Meanwhile, referee Herb Dean had yet to call the bout. A dazed Gomi began to rise, and when Lauzon looked back, Dean then decided to officially declare that it was over.

Lauzon doesn’t need no referees. He’ll do the job himself.