Even with the FSBC stamp of approval for Jimmy Ambriz to take on Bobby Lashley, Ambriz is pulled from the card and Strikeforce is again back at square one.

However, Strikeforce remains confident that it will find a suitable opponent for Lashley before the January 30th Miami event. At this point I say it is a lost cause if they do not put him up against reputable fighters, like I have been calling out for since this fiasco started. Mike Kyle, or Antonio Silva, are perfect for Lashley’s debut.

I understand they want to use Lashley to bring in high numbers the way UFC did with Lesnar, so they don’t want to ruin that opportunity by having him lose his first time in a Strikeforce octagon. However, the UFC didn’t feed Lesnar a weak fight. In fact Lesnar said he wanted to face top contenders. Hell, if you read just any random MMA forum/comment concerning this event the masses demand either give him someone good or pull him off the damn card and move the Riggs VS Hieron bout to the main card.

It appears it is not all Strikeforce’s fault as Lashley and/or his camp is nit picking who he fights, but if that is the case, this soon before the Jan 30th event deadline, close the dang door on Lashley and say better luck next event. I feel if he wants to be a serious MMA fighter attack it head on, get a reputable first fight under your belt for this promotion and see for yourself (Lashley) if you belong in this sport. This whole circus act is killing the promotion and fans are tired as hell of hearing it, just as much as I am tired of writing about it.

He has already faced his stepping stone guys, and the slightly better names (Bob Sapp), so it’s due time Lashley face some real competition for this event or sit this one out.

What do you guys think of this whole thing?