On Tuesday, officials from Strikeforce said that heavyweight Jimmy Ambriz will not be having a bout against Lashley at “Strikeforce: Miami.”

Even though a partner has not yet been found for Lashley, Strikeforce officials feel confident they will find a replacement in time for the event on January 30th. The event is featuring a welterweight title bout between Nick Diaz and Marius Zaromskis, which will be airing on Showtime.

Lashley was originally supposed to be fighting Yohan Banks, but the FSBC [Florida State Boxing Commission], deemed the bout “not competitive” and was declined last Thursday.

On Friday Strikeforce stated Ambriz would instead be going against Lashley, but this matchup was also called off for unknown reasons.

Strikeforce reported that they are “starting from square one” in the heavyweight search for Bobby Lashley’s opponent.