Round 1: They touch gloves to open proceedings. Straight to the body from Manuwa as he takes the center. Big right leg kick from Manuwa. They clinch against the cage, swapping positions. Manuwa catches the leg and takes Diabate down into side control very nicely. Manuwa now in half guard looking to land short elbows as Diabate looks for a reversal. They get back to their feet with Manuwa landing a big knee on the way up, and they return to the edge of the cage. High kick from Manuwa is blocked as he lands a decent combo before taking Diabate down only to return to a standing position. More leg kicks from Manuwa that easily land. They clinch again against the cage as Diabate looks for the Thai clinch. Manuwa tries to swarm Diabate but to no avail as Diabate again looks for the Muay Thai plum. Manuwa ends the round on top position to take the round. I have it 10-9 for Manuwa.

Round 2: Or not. Cyrille Diabate looks to have torn a calf muscle and his corner says he can’t continue. What a shame.

Jimi Manuwa def. Cyrill Diabate via 1st round TKO (Doctor’s Stoppage)