We know that Jessica Eye failed her postfight drug test at UFC 166 for something, and we know that the Texas commission changed the result of her decision win against Sarah Kaufman into a “no contest” and issued her a probationary suspension as a result, but we don’t know what it is exactly that caused Eye to fail the drug test. Was it blood thinners, as was rumored earlier this week? Or something else? Well, according to Bloody Elbow’s chief snooper Brent Brookhouse, it was something else.

Multiple very reliable commission sources have confirmed to Bloody Elbow that the test failure was a result of marijuana having been detected in the urine sample turned in by Eye.

There were some issues with the idea that it could have been a blood thinner to begin with. Blood thinners would not be prescribed to a fighter by many–if any–doctors, given the significant increase for intracranial hemorrhage, difficulty in stopping cuts during the course of a fight and a host of other issues. Also, a blood thinner would not turn up in a urine test administered by an athletic commission.

A blood test might pick up blood thinners based on coagulation time. However, Texas does not run these sort of blood tests as standard procedure.

If Eye did indeed fail her drug test because of marijuana, it then begs the question: Why isn’t she suspended for real? Because for all intents and purposes, the probationary suspension issued to her by the Texas commission doesn’t mean much – it isn’t impeding her from fighting at UFC 170 against Alexis Davis.

At this point, whatever Eye tested positive for remains a mystery, and will remain a mystery until she or someone with firsthand knowledge reveals the answer. And based on Eye’s recently deleted Twitter account, no such revelation is forthcoming.

Time to speculate wildly!