Junior dos Santos comments on the recent retirement of Brock Lesnar following Lesnar’s decimation at the hands of Alistair Overeem. Dos Santos also shared his thoughts on his opponent as he looks to make his first title defense later this year.

I thought Brock would move forwards, I hoped more of him. But he told me on the octagon he felt the knees and kicks of Overeem and that he thought he broke his rib. I saw it and it was really red. He told me the last couple destabilized him, and then he wished me good luck on this title defense and that was it. He’s completely right to retire since he doesn’t feel fine when fighting anymore. He said he promised it to his wife and kids… I guess everybody knows when it’s time to stop.”

“Each fight is different and you gotta be prepared for your next opponent the best way you can. I got to the title with much effort and I’ll do my best to remain as the champion. Overeem is a very strong fighter, but there’s no easy fight when you’re fighting a title fight. He’s big, but he ain’t two.”

Source: Tatame.com