Brain damage is no joke. Junior dos Santos’ camp had shared concern with Brazil outlet Globo Combate during their post-fight interview at the hospital, stating that the former champ could not recall anything after the second round when he was dropped. Of course that is not exactly what happened. Dos Santos did get dropped, but he recovered and fought what now sounds to be auto-pilot for another three rounds. Memory loss is a symptom of a concussion (severe brain damage) which Dos Santos clearly suffered.

“I’m feeling good,” dos Santos told Combat. “The pain is only in the heart, for failing to have a good performance in the Octagon. Now the order of business is to go back to the gym and train harder, dedicate myself to come back stronger than ever, and perhaps one day return to fight for the belt and, God willing, be able to honor the support of all who believe in me.”

The good news is that JDS did receive a full CT scan after the incident and there was no fracture or craniofacial or intracranial bleeding found. With stitches on his right eye and left ear, dos Santos was released to go home early Sunday morning.