Boxer/MMA fighter James Toney says he is still planning a return to a top MMA organization following his defense of the boxing IBF heavyweight belt.

MA: You said you will be returning to MMA in 2011, who will be your trainers?

James Toney:
Oh yeah, I am going do both! My trainer is still Trevor Sherman… I love that dude. When I fought, that’s my fault. I blame it on me, whatever happens. I am a man… that’s what I do!

MA: Have you continued your MMA training since August?

James Toney:
I am doing both. I am the first two sport athlete, the real sport! Not baseball, not football. I like football and baseball…they are alright. I am from two rugged sports! You ever seen a man do two sports like I have? You’ve never seen that before?

MA: Are there talks with Strikeforce? I heard there coming back to CBS.

James Toney:
I have no idea. My agent and my Pops…they told me to train for the heavyweight title. So, we will see what we get.

Source: Ring Side Report