Last night’s WEC 48 was definitely an event worth watching, but maybe not for the reason you’d think. Dana White of course was sitting cageside as usual, but it’s who that was next to him was the big surprise; newly minted Strikeforce middleweight champ Jake Shields watched the show next to the UFC bigwig.

Their two images were plastered on all the main screens in the arena, as well as being featured on the pay-per-view broadcast.

White was even seen mouthing the words “He’s mine,” during the event, but later claimed he was just enjoying the show with the Strikeforce fighter. But it was quite obvious to anyone who saw the two, that they were definitely discussing something.

At the post-fight press conference, White stated that he and Shields aren’t currently negotiating anything as of yet, but they will be in the near future.

“The deal with Shields is that there’s some discrepancy whether it’s 45 or 60 days he has left on his contract, so he can work that out with the knuckleheads, and when he does, we’ll jump in there,” White said.

White mentioned that he would be negotiating with Shields for a contract, but he as long as he hurt Strikeforce in some way, he’d be happy.

“[Shields] is going to get paid because what’s going to happen is we would love to take him from there, and I’m sure they’d love him to stick around,” White said. “I will help drive that f***ing number right up through the roof and let the Showtime boys pay him a lot of money.”

After Shield’s win over Dan Henderson on April 17th, White made the comment:

“I’m very confident he’s going to be with the UFC.”

As well as moving over to the UFC, it was also rumored that Jake Shields may be appearing opposite of Georges St. Pierre on “The Ultimate Fighter 12” .

But White made it clear that Shields would not be on the show due to the fact that the fighter is still under contract with Strikeforce, and the organization needs to begin filming within the next month or so.

“The problem with ‘TUF’ is that you have to pull the trigger, and you have to make decisions on that immediately,” White said  “We actually just cast [‘TUF 12’] last week. We start filming in five weeks.”

So it looks like Jake Shields may be heading over to the UFC, keep checking back for updates on the potential move.