Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza was in line for a title shot, but a split decision loss to Yoel Romero probably means Romero will get the next crack as the belt (which is currently being held by Michael Bisping).

Such is life, right?

Well, at the UFC 208 open workouts, Jacare talked a little bit about fighters cutting the line and getting a title shot ahead of him, and thanks to the marvels of wacky translations and Portuguese idioms being completely lost in English, we got this mysterious gem via MMAFighting:

“Man, this thing about cutting the line is happening so much with me that I’m used to it already,” Souza said. “Go on in front of me, my lawyer is God. I’m cool. I have my house, my family is healthy, I’m fine with my wife.”

“Want to cut the line, do it, just don’t turn your ass to me because I’m a man and that doesn’t work,” he added. “But if you want to cut the line, go for it.”

What the heck does any of that even mean?