At the UFC 177 media scrum, UFC President Dana White was asked if he’d reconsider offering Ben Askren, the ONE FC welterweight champion, a place on the UFC roster.

He surprised many by answering in the affirmative: “Yeah, if he keeps winning… I’d give him a shot over here.”

“Ben Askren said a lot of stupid s— when he left,” White continued. “But, I don’t care about that. We’ll see how he fights and take it there. I’ll hold grudges, if you’re an idiot I’ll hold a grudge til I’m dead. But I won’t do that with fighters… if Tito Ortiz can come back to the UFC than anyone can. You don’t have to like someone to do business with them.”

Askren responded first, sarcastically, on Twitter:

But today on The MMA Hour, Askren elaborated: “He says I said a lot of stupid s—, well, I said true s—.”

“Back in 2012,” Askren continued, “I said he was telling lies about the drug testing issue. All I said was that it could be done. It is done at the Olympic level. And now we see, in 2014 they’re actually taking those measures, to do what I said. They’re realizing how rampant performance enhancing drugs are in our sport.”

“After that it was a whole lot of nonsense. He said I wasn’t good enough to be in the UFC, well, I’ve got more skill in my pinky finger than half the damn guys in the UFC. Have you seen some of these guys fighting lately? It is ridiculous.”

“I’m really happy where I am. Do I want to prove myself against the best in the world? Yes. Do I think I am? Yes, 100%. Do I want to slap Johny Hendricks around? Yes, 100%. But I’d rather retire and coach than grovel for my money like some of these ‘company men’ in the UFC do. It’s disgusting to me to see what these guys do to cater to their bosses.”

Aksren described his new boss at ONE FC, Victor Cui, as “the polar opposite of Dana White,” and “a humble, smart, bright businessman,” adding: “If they (the UFC) made me an offer, I’d talk to Victor. But I’m in a great spot.”

“This organization is going to take off,” Askren said. “What a lot of people in America don’t realize is between the US and Canada, the market is about 400 million people. Here, the market is 4 billion. They have TV deals in 70 countries. ONE FC is on TV in a billion homes. I think the leadership here is outstanding and I’m in a great spot, treated really well.”