Matt Brown needed less than thirty seconds to bomb out Mike Pyle at UFC Fight Night 26, before telling the MMA world that he wants a crack at Georges St. Pierre. In addition, at the post fight presser, “The Immortal” relayed that the only reason he’s in the sport is to “beat GSP’s ass.” You can’t get more direct than that.

As a result of his recent comments, Brown was predictably asked about the welterweight champ during a recent interview with MMA Radio. Although Brown has been on a ridiculously impressive run, the question is whether he’d be able to handle the renowned wrestling and top game of St. Pierre. According to the 32 year-old vet, the answer’s yes.

“I know where my wrestling stands.┬áIt’s simply a matter of executing those abilities in the ring with ‘GSP.’ I can outwrestle him. I’m calling it right now.”

“It sounds f—ing ridiculous, and everybody is going to laugh at me, and I know the forums, everybody’s going to talk about how I’m delusional and this and that. … I know where I’m at.”

“I don’t think [St-Pierre has] ever fought anybody that can put the kind of pressure that I put on him, and I think I can stop his takedowns,” Brown said. “His best chance is to get a takedown. People haven’t seen my wrestling. I’m training with the best wrestlers in the world right now, and I’m getting pretty damn good at it.”

While there’s no doubt tons of people want to see this fight, and it would be fascinating to see if Brown can indeed handle GSP’s grappling, first things first. St. Pierre has to get by Johny Hendricks on November 16th, and despite Brown’s growing fanbase, chances are he needs to defeat a top contender before getting a title fight.