He’s been a UFC champ, coached TUF, was a star attraction in PRIDE FC, and most recently, fought for – and against – Bellator, somehow weaseling out of a contract and getting to fight in the Octagon at UFC 186 in April. But Quinton “Rampage” Jackson might be done fighting, and it hinges on how that pesky ol’ Bellator lawsuit plays out.

As per MMAFighting:

“So for some reason Viacom, they didn’t want to fix things. So my manager terminated it, and he took everything to the UFC. And the UFC said yup, he’s legal to sign, and Viacom didn’t agree with the termination. So, I don’t know if my manager missed one step going to the courts or whatnot, but they tried to put a hold on my fight. I went to the courts and I got that overturned and I fought. And I did that just for the fans.”

“Now I’m tied up and going to court and stuff like that, and I feel like they’re just trying to tie me up so I don’t fight,” he said. “But at the end of the day, I’ve been thinking about this a long time. At the end of the day, I’ve won four fights in a row. I’ve done a lot in this sport, I’ve been fighting for 15 years. I love this sport. I’m thinking, Bellator cannot make me fight for them. So I’m thinking I may as just go ahead and retire.”

Rampage has accomplished great things and has contributed greatly in his time with the sport.

That said, jeez dude, just retire already.