Vitor Belfort on steroids. Vitor Belfort off steroids. Vitor Belfort on TRT. Vitor Belfort off TRT. And now maybe Vitor Belfort on stem cells. We have literally seen every version of Belfort possible during his improbable UFC career that began at UFC 12 and for some odd reason (actually, because of chemicals) continues to this day.

But maybe this outing at UFC 212 will be his last! I mean, I hope that’s the case. Believe it or not, I cheered for the guy when he smashed Wanderlei Silva when they first met in UFC Brazil in 1998. I just think defying nature is a bad thing, and everyone at some point needs to accept that they’re old and just age gracefully.

What do you think? Is this it for him?

The UFC thinks it might be, so they made this nice video for him.