The UFC sunk a ton of money into promoting UFC 189’s initial main event of Jose Aldo versus Conor McGregor, and all that money went down the toilet when Aldo bowed out do to a rib injury. Then came the accusations – first from Dana White, claiming that Aldo wasn’t really injured, then from White again claiming the media misrepresented him. Either way, the damage was done, and now many believe that something wasn’t completely on the up-and-up with the Brazilian backing out.

Count former UFC star Chael Sonnen as one of those many.

And according to Sonnen, he¬†was threatened with a lawsuit by an attorney representing Aldo if he didn’t shut the f*** up. It all centers around the notion that there were two sets of X-rays/MRIs being circulated. As per SportsJoe:

“Somewhere in my answer I said that Aldo pulling out was very fugazzi because he had two separate sets of x-rays. He had the x-rays which had been sent from his doctors to the UFC’s doctors which showed a bruised rib and he was cleared to fight. And he had a separate set of x-rays he personally released online which very clearly showed a broken rib.”

“They’re (the lawyer) saying this is inflammatory, that he did not have two sets of x-rays, that the x-ray he put online is the same as the x-ray that had been sent to the UFC and where this story of a bruised rib vs a broken rib came out, he doesn’t know, it’s not true and I’m perpetuating it.”

It’s all fun and games until the lawyers get involved.

Then it’s even funner!