Immediately following his historic and shocking loss to Chris Weidman at UFC 162, Anderson Silva said he was no longer interested in pursuing the belt, only to change his mind not long after (thankfully). Even before the rematch was announced for UFC 168, however, Silva and his camp maintained he would fight out his contract with the promotion, so does that mean super fights with  Georges St. Pierre or Jon Jones still interest the legend?

Well, in recent interviews the 38 year-old star did in his native Brazil, the answer appears to be yes. While speaking to “Panico”, Silva offered this about fighting GSP (quotes via MMA

“I really wanted this fight to happen,” said Silva. “He’s a guy that plays by the rules, doesn’t take too many risks. That fight may happen, or maybe not. He said he doesn’t want it, I don’t know. I’ll train and remain focused to fight (Weidman) on Dec. 28.”

And in a recent chat with, Silva had this to say about possibly fighting Jones.

“I hope it happens,” said Silva, who will rematch Weidman on December 28th. “That’s the fight everybody is waiting for.”

Now it’s true that Dana White has said in the past that if Silva were to lose, the super fights were a non-starter, but it’s hard to imagine the UFC passing on them if “The Spider” scores an impressive win at UFC 168. After all, there’s a large contingent of fans who believe Silva lost to Weidman because of his antics, not because he was outclassed by the rising star.

So, as far as GSP, that fight doesn’t appear to be likely even if Silva scores a big win at UFC 168, but if Jones can get through Alexander Gustafsson and perhaps one more challenger, you never know…

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