Female-centric MMA organization Invicta FC no longer has to be confined to a UStream broadcast whose paywall crumbles under the weight of traffic and tech issues in each outing, as the House That Shannon Knapp Built will know be shown on UFC Fight Pass. Yay! A legitimate way to see Invicta FC events and more value added to Fight Pass! Everyone wins!

Of course, with Zuffa opening up the Internet-based fight channel to a still-living MMA promotion, a new question suddenly hangs over the industry: What other fight organizations out there should get to call UFC Fight Pass their home?

There are certainly some worthy ones – some, like Invicta FC, catering to a subset of MMA fan, and others serving up regional fare that’s minor league ball to the UFC’s major league. Here, then, is a list of those who SHOULD be on UFC Fight Pass. Feel free to add more.

1. Ring of Combat – This New Jersey-based promotion has been around since 2002, and has served as a feeder for the UFC since Pete “Drago” Sell choked Phil Baroni unconscious at UFC 51. Few, if any, organizations can boast as many alumni who’ve tasted Octagon life.

2. Resurrection Fighting Alliance – West Coast regional show RFA may see headliners like TUF washout Dakota Cochrane vs. TUF winner/UFC washout Efrain Escudero, but in terms of minor league product, it’s a quality event that deserves a viewership beyond AXS-TV.

3. Metamoris – How many people were curious enough about Eddie Bravo’s grappling rematch with Royler Gracie that they bought the online stream and watched it? A lot of people I’d wager, which means that when it comes to a high-level grappling match with somewhat mainstream names, there is a sufficient market to warrant a home on UFC Fight Pass.

4. Jungle Fights – There’s value to be had in watching a regional show set in the wilds of Brazil, not the least of which is it provides some perspective on what sort of talent exists outside of the States. In the case of Brazil, that talent can sometimes be a bit raw and crazy – but damn can that be fun.

5. Legacy Fighting Championship – Like ROC and RFA, Legacy Fighting Championship is a regional show where up-and-comers can punch their ticket to the UFC just as easily as UFC veterans can get their careers back on track. LFC on UFC Fight Pass would act as a valuable portal to what kinds of fighters the Southwest is churning out.

6. Shooto – The UFC has seen a ton of Shooto champs in its Octagon – why not watch these fighters ripen on the vines from which they grow?

7. Cage Warriors – The UK scene is a strong one, but it’s a market that’s proven tough for the UFC to fully ignite they way Canada, Australia and Brazil caught fire. Still, if the Octagon is being set up a couple times a year in places like Dublin and Manchester, it would probably behoove the UFC to provide us with some additional color and backstory on the local fighter crop.

8. M-1 Global – Yeah, yeah, M-1 and the UFC totally butted heads of the whole Fedor Emelianenko debacle, but wouldn’t it be cool to see all these Russian fighters as they hone their craft? After all, if you had followed M-1 years ago, you’d have known how badass Khabib Nurmagomedov way before anyone else.