The Canadians sure seem to be in for quite a card. With the flyweight title fight, a middleweight contenders match, a former two time division champ against the new generation of fighter, and now a light-heavyweight battle that will surely be an awesome bout. I doubt Igor Pokrajac has ever been in a fight that didn’t have people glued to their TV sets and now he faces returning TUF runner up and jiu-jitsu ace Vinny Magalhaes. This fight will propel the winner out of the middle of the pack at 205.

Igor opened his career in the UFC at 1-3 with losses to Vladimir Matyushenko, James Te-Huna, and Stephen Bonnar. He’s currently 4-1 in the octagon with the aforementioned defeat to Bonnar being his only loss, and carrying wins over Krzysztof Soszyński and James Irvin. Vinny Magalhaes returns to the octagon after going 0-2 in his first stint. He’s currently riding a 7-1 fight streak in which all seven of his opponents were finished, and in fact Vinny has finished all nine of his wins by TKO or submission.

Some people are questioning Magalhaes’ return to the octagon, not knowing if he truly deserves it, but we’ll know after this fight. Many times fighters have returned to the UFC after multiple wins in other organizations, and come back to losses in the octagon. If Vinny wants to prove himself to be worthy of his new contract, he will have to get past Igor, and that’s no easy task to come by.