George Zimmerman blew Trayvon Martin, and though he was acquitted of all wrong-doing in court, he’s still subject to scrutiny by the media, which documents his every “minor” infraction (like domestic violence and him threatening a neighbor with a gun). And though to Zimmerman that attention may seem excessive and unwarranted, the fact is that he brought it upon himself.

Former UFC champ Jon Jones is in a similar boat.

Legal entanglement after legal entanglement eventually merited the UFC stripping him of his belt, and whatever subsequent trouble he gets himself in is put under the microscope of the daily news cycle. Really, the dude can’t complain.

Yet he does.

Earlier this week it was learned that he was busted for driving without a license. As Outcast once said, ain’t no thang but a chicken wing, but since this is Jones we’re talking about, of course everyone has to wonder if this is a symptom of the illness he’s been afflicted with many times before (i.e., the illness of being a self-destructive idiot).

Jones’ response: to lash out.

Jon. Buddy. If you don’t want this kind of attention, then build a time machine, go back to all the incidents when you used poor judgment and got into car accidents, and tell your past self to shape the hell up.

Otherwise, like George Zimmerman, you’re just going to have to live with extra scrutiny.

Am I right, folks?