Cain Velasquez is injured and now Fabricio Werdum is facing Mark Hunt at UFC 180 for the interim heavyweight championship belt. That’s pretty “whatever” in my book, as it sucks that Velasquez is once more hurt and unable to fight. Plus, there’s the fact that Hunt is far and away not the best in the division, but there’s a chance he could actually beat Werdum, which places the value of the UFC heavyweight title somewhere around the price of a latte at Starbucks…

Which isn’t to say Hunt sucks. He’s got all sorts of ass-kickery in his fists, and when he releases it, whoa baby. But he got wrecked by Junior dos Santos at UFC 160, and he fought to a draw against Antonio Silva last December. Prior to that he had a decent run of wins, yet from 2006 to 2011 he went win-less in six fights. It’s hard to imagine that a guy with that kind of record could be in the running for “best big fighter” in the world.

Is it the UFC’s fault that Velasquez is hurt, their TUF: Latin America and Mexico City UFC machinations are down the crapper, and Hunt is the only one available to plug up the hole? Of course not. They can’t help it if Velasquez is made of easily-torn tortillas. It still sucks, though.

Anyway, here’s the fight against Roy Nelson that “earned” Hunt his shot at UFC gold. Watch and wonder.