Now and days before you can even finish reading about a fight announcement that someone has dropped out of the fight. Earlier this week it was announced that Ian McCall would take on John Moraga at UFC on Fox 4, which was suppose to take place on August 4th at the Staples Center. Now, unfortunately Ian has had to drop out of the match up citing a knee injury. The most interesting part was that Ian had informed Zuffa of these injuries a few days ago, and that would make the announcement of the fight unusual. If they had known McCall to be injured than maybe they should have put off the announcement of the fight.

This obviously does not affect the main card of the event, but it does affect the status of the still new Flyweight division. Ian was contending for a shot at the title, but lost to Demetrious Johnson. With a win or two he could be back at the top of the division, but now he will have to wait to try and get his first win in the UFC. John now will face another Flyweight, and more than likely he will not face someone with the notoriety that a win over Ian would give him. He will just have to be that much more impressive in his debut instead of beating a top contender.