Jason “Mayhem” Miller is seen featured in the new Hulu mini-documentary special ‘A Day in the Life’ series. We get to see the personality that is Mayhem behind the scenes training at the Reign Training Center and Kings MMA prior to his bout against Michael Bisping at the The Ultimate Fighter 14 finale in December.

“A lot of people don’t quite understand Mayhem said Miller’s Manager and trainer Ryan Parsons. He was 19 or 20, basically homeless- living in a van outside of Tito Ortiz’s Gym.”

“He’s just such a unique guy,” said Parsons. “He’s got a really unique way of looking at things. People who look at him, they have this false view of who he is. They think he’s a clown or this or that.”

Parsons went on to talk on the brilliance of Jason’s early adaptation of social networks to reach his fans. Something feels is one of the main reasons Miller was picked to headline the UFC’s TUF series.