Former dominating UFC welterweight champ, Matt Hughes is a hunting enthusiast that loves to post his catches. Unfortunately for Hughes, ‘Peta idiots’ as he puts it, won’t stop tweeting him.

Jennajameson Jenna Jameson
@matthughes9x is the man who shot the bobcat.He also has some choice words for my man. He must be sour that Tito schooled him. YouTube them

Kanglinho Jordan O
how very christian of you to kill innocent beings. But I shouldn’t be surprised knowing your history….

Adubbadubya Anna Capo
u should be left alone with 1 of these cats for 10 minutes so u can feel the helplessness. Disgusting.

sdeecare Steve D
@matthughes9x kills defenseless animals because he can’t do any damage in the octagon #trash

matthughes9x Matt Hughes
@sdeecare has just been nominated #idiot of the week. Good job!

skintbastard karen
@matthughes9x Animals should only be killed if you intend to eat them. Murdering for your own titivation is wrong!

matthughes9x Matt Hughes
@skintbastard do you kill mice in your house?

skintbastard karen
no, we don’t have mice. But if we did, the cat would kill and eat them

matthughes9x Matt Hughes
your right…if you can’t see them I’m sure they aren’t there.

matthughes9x Matt Hughes
Hope all have a fun night and a great start to a year. Don’t drink and drive. More at stake than your own life.

BigAlPeoplesPal Alison Reynolds
You are a f—— a—— if you actually kill cats. Hope someone beats the crap out of you 2

matthughes9x Matt Hughes
If you don’t like seeing dead animals please stop following me. I’m not even going to try and educate you PETA idiots.

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