Dan Henderson is in Sao Paolo, Brazil to headline this weekend’s UFC, opposite Vitor Belfort. Being in a main event carries with it some stress, and facing Belfort – who finished “Hendo” when they last fought – can add to that equation of anxiousness.

Coming back to your hotel room and finding a drunk stranger passed out in it, well, that just can’t help.

As per MMAFighting:

“A drunk guest entered the room because the door didn’t lock when we left,” Henderson’s boxing coach Gustavo Pugliese told MMAFighting.com on Tuesday. “He wouldn’t wake up even when we poked him, so we called security. He eventually woke up, but had no idea what was happening. He was so drunk they had to carry him out or he’d fell on the ground.”

Seriously, Brazil, come on. Fix your hotel doors. You’re supposed to be hosting an Olympics soon.

Had a visitor waiting in our room when we got back from dinner #hewantedthehbomb

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