Holly Holm – the much hyped, highly-touted female fighter who destroyed opponents in the minor leagues with deadly striking – had a successful UFC debut in her defeat of Raquel Pennington. But when finally seen under the harsh glare of the Octagon lights and reality, Holm revealed a bit more than whatever ability it took for her to win. She showed us that, no matter what, she will never be ready to face champ Ronda Rousey.

For three rounds, Holm employed scintillating footwork, constant movement, and boxing mixed with a pinpoint accurate high-kick to out-point the game Pennington. Unfortunately, when she did land, it lacked any real power. In other words, she scored over and over again, but Holm never came close to initiating a sequence that would’ve put Pennington away… and there’s no way in hell something like that is going to end the win streak of a woman who will tear your arm off in under a minute.

Thanks to the hard-nosed style of Cris “Cyborg” Santos, we know what it looks like to be a killer female striker. Kicks and punches, when thrown, are thrown with ferocity, and they don’t score points as much as chip away years from an opponent’s life. That’s what Cyborg has got – and sadly, that’s what Holm doesn’t.

Given her hype, and the fact that she notched a win in the UFC, we’ll see Holm in action many more times. What we won’t see is her ever beating Rousey.

She just doesn’t have it in her.