Of all the list of possible outcomes for the UFC 193 main event – which featured ultra-dominant champ Ronda Rousey taking on challenger Holly Holm – the notion of Holm knocking Rousey out cold with a high-kick was so far at the bottom of the list it was virtually nonexist.

But she did it.

From the outset, it was nothing like a typical Rousey fight. The champ came out aggressive and confident in her boxing, but whenever she tried to tag Holm, the taller fighter was no longer there. What was there, however, was Holm’s left hand, and in the span of minutes, it was marking Rousey’s face up and slowing her down considerably.

The takedowns for Rousey remained elusive as well, and when she did manage to get the challenger down, her armbar attempt was countered and Holm was scrambling back to her feet.

At one point, Rousey even charged and fell against the cage when Holm moved out of the way.

When the first round ended it was clear it had belonged to the lady no one believed would last a minute.

The end came early in the second round, with Holm stunning her foe and forcing Rousey to spin around. What followed was a high-kick square to the neck, and Rousey was out cold.