Former UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva has returned with yet another video blog. This time, “The Axe Murderer” discusses the recent deal between his former employers and Reebok.

“I am giving space on all my social media, which reaches millions of people (to off-set any money lost with the new deal),” he said.

While most of his words have been anti-UFC, Silva did say that the decision to bring in Reebok might work for everyone, with emphasis on “everyone.”

“Hopefully they’ll start paying the athletes better,” Silva said. “It’s a good attitude they are taking. I hope this is a good thing for the athletes, but it can’t only be good for the top fighters.

“It has to be good for the up-and-comers too.”

Hear all of what Silva has to say in the video below, as he offers up his own advice for young MMA fighters: