Remember this promo above for UFC 167? Yeah, that’s how top welterweight contender Johny Hendrick received second-degree burns on his back, just weeks before his showdown with champ Georges St-Pierre. It seems the crew set the knockout artist a little too close to the pyrotechnics.

Johny Hendricks Burned back
Click to enlarge, if you’re a weirdo like that.

Hendricks has said that the burns have put him out of training less than a week and that the fight is still on. Also, I wouldn’t put too much concern in to the burns playing a factor in the fight as “Bigg Rigg” is projected to be healed up nicely in time for his fight, as he gains help from the UFC’s doctors. Which seems only fair, seeing how they were responsible for the “accident” (kidding). Hendricks has over two weeks to heal up for his November 16th headline bout on UFC 167 in Las Vegas, NV. As always, you’re welcome to join us as we stream all the event highlights and results on that date.