While there are some compelling bouts scheduled in the MMA world over the coming weeks, one of the biggest is of course set for November 16th, when Georges St. Pierre throws down with Johny Hendricks. ¬†After all, it will feature the longest reigning champion currently in the UFC, taking on arguably his biggest challenge to date in “Bigg Rigg.” If GSP wins, he will have defended the welterweight belt 9 times and would be one more win away from tying Anderson Silva’s record. Crazy.

Of course, there are quite a few folks out there who think Hendricks is the man who will end St. Pierre’s historic reign, due to his wrestling abilities and fearsome power. While Hendricks has floored the likes of Jon Fitch and Martin Kampmann with this now infamous left hand, the #1 contender recently told FightHubTV.com that his stopping ability doesn’t end there (comments transcribed by Bloody Elbow.com).

“I can lay you out with both hands. Everybody thinks that my left hand is the hand that’s going to do it, but my goal is to put him away and knock him out with my right. I am hurting people with my right hand in the gym, so that’s what it’s about, letting the world know I can do it with both (hands).”

“That’s what I want I want to do. I want to run into those takedowns. Just wait, I got stuff for that takedown. I’m a wrestler too, that’s what people forget. I know how to defeat a wrestler. I know how to stay away from takedowns.”

That’s quite the goal, and based off Hendricks’ performances in the cage and the power he’s demonstrated all around, it’s not hard to imagine him stopping someone with a right hand. The key question is, however, can he do it to GSP? While Hendricks is far from a massive underdog heading into the fight, St. Pierre is the favourite on the betting lines in the -220 to -225 range. So if Hendricks wins, it will still send quite the shockwave throughout the MMA world.

UFC 167 will be hosted by the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned to Caged Insider.com for all your UFC news and coverage.