Johny Hendricks is a smart man. He understands how the business side of the sport works and why. The top contender currently sits waiting for champion Georges St-Pierre to agree to their expected match-up. The hold-up? It may just be the UFC waiting out the outcome of July 6’s Anderson Silva versus Chris Weidman as St-Pierre himself has said that he would rather fight in his division next. In the meanwhile, Hendricks sits hoping for a title shot before the year is up.

“Pretty much wherever he wants, whenever he wants, that’s what I’m gonna do,” Hendricks said during a recent scrum. “I just want it by December. Before January 1, I wanna fight him.”

Hendricks surprisingly also has no quandaries on a likely rematch, should he defeat the long running champ. It’s all about the fashion in which he does so.

“I’m gonna have to beat him twice. Unless I knock him out. If I manhandle him for two round and I knock him out, then there won’t be a rematch,” Hendricks explained. “But if it’s a close fight or I go out and knock him out in the first minute, yeah, there’ll be a rematch.”  

Currently there are no targeted dates for Hendricks title shot, but with six straight wins and half by devastating knockouts, it will be hard to deny Hendricks, even in an aligning super-fight.

Photographer: Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports