Coincidence, or conniving? According to Josh Koscheck’s most recent challenger, Johny Hendricks, he does it every fight, and it’s just his style. Koscheck does have the track-record, that justifies Hendricks’ allegation. Granted, it was not said in a spiteful tone – Hendricks tells MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani that he was seeing double for the first round, which is why he was tagged early.

In the end the younger Hendricks was able to earn the close split-decision. Interestingly, part of the spit was caused by former UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida, whom chose Koscheck as the winner in his first ever UFC event as a judge. Either way Hendricks is now possibly in title contention, but with no title fighter available till the end of the year, may be offered a fight in the interim.