Yesterday the UFC released footage of Jon Jones predicting a TKO win over his next opponent Dan Henderson. Something Henderson has never suffered in his career. During the airing of last night’s UFC Tonight ‘Hendo’ responded to the brash comments from the champ.

“[My right hand] must be a pretty good trick. It’s kept me in the sport this long and people keep wanting to see it. It’s kept me around for a long time. But it’s more about positioning. TKO me? I’d love for him to try. That means he’s coming after me and I won’t have to chase him…. One of the biggest assets I have is my experience, my timing, my striking, my takedowns and the ability to mix it up…. I love being the underdog. I like being a little challenged. I need to step up and prove people wrong. It adds to my fire and motivates me…. I feel right at home when I’m wrestling. He’s taller and longer and gives problems in the clinch. But it’ll give me the opportunity to put him on his back.”

Both men sound to be confident that they can stand and trade. This is not Jones’ style however as he is rarely seen winging shots in the pocket. He’s known for using his length and picking his opponents apart methodically. Whether there is already a psychological war at hand or not will be revealed come Sept. 1 at UFC 151 in Las Vegas, NV.