Dan Henderson is usually not one to stir drama, but during a recent tweet-off with fans he revealed that he does not buy the Anderson Silva injuries excuse. With the likes of threatening competitors of Chael Sonnen and himself hovering a title shot Henderson believes the champ will extend the fight date as long as possible.


what’s your favorite mma site to check out?

I check out @theUG & post every couple years. Sneak attacks. Lit some dude up there recently. And clinchgear.com. lol.

whats your favorite submission?


Have you ever seen a fighter have a energy dump from a adrenalin spike like Mayhem last night?

Yeah. Me in the 5th round of my last fight. Lol.

what did you think of last night’s main event?

Looked like one guy hadn’t fought in a long time & the other guy cut too much weight. Kinda like the JV team.

do you agree with all these crazies claiming Bisping deserves the next shot??

All the “injuries” that keep Anderson from a rematch w/ me or Chael will heal real fast if they offer Bisping to him.

who would you choose to fight Machida or Jones?

I want whoever wins on Saturday

really you think machida has a shot?