Shortly after the rumors of Dan Henderson suffering a serious knee injury, the UFC president Dana white has verified that the promotion is forced to announce the first cancellation of a UFC event under the Zuffa banner. White tells us that both Chael Sonnen and Jon Jones agreed to fight last night. Last minute, literally this morning, the champ Jon Jones is said to have pulled out of the fight with Sonnen, stating that it was too short of notice to take a fight against the former middleweight. Following that, Jones agreed to a bout against Lyoto Machida in Toronto at the new UFC 151.

UFC president made no Bones about it – he was none happy with Jones’ decision which caused the first cancellation. White told the press that his view of Jones has completely changed. 

“Alleged champ and top three pound for pound is refusing fights.We’ve never had a guy flat out refuse to fight a guy. Never happened. As far as [Jones] relationship with me and Lorenzo, it’s not good. I’m disgusted.

Dan Henderson is said to have suffered a partially torned MCL, causing minimal lateral movement. He is expected to need at least a few months to make a full recover. White admitted that Henderson could still fight, but points out that it would not be a true showing of the best Henderson versus Jones.

UFC 151 is now set with Jones vs. Machida and Mighty Mo vs. Benavidez title fight in co-main in Canada, replacing UFC 152.

“Good for you Jon Jones said White, you’re rich and you don’t need the fight. While there’s struggling guys on the under-card and they don’t get to make money now.”

White also went on to mention how the fans, especially that purchased tickets lose (they’ll be refunded) and the efforts of the organization being flushed down the tubes by Jones’ ‘selfish’ decision to deny the fight.