The only man to defeat UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson since 2007 is Anthony Pettis, which is probably a big reason why some oddsmakers have listed the challenger as a slight favourite to win their UFC 164 rematch. Of course, there’s no question that both men are better fighters than they were at WEC 53. In a recent interview with MMA, Henderson revealed that despite what some might think, his memorable loss (you may remember the “Showtime Kick”) has not been eating him up as one might think.

“I won’t lie to you; I haven’t thought about the rematch a whole lot, to be honest,” Henderson said. “Of course you want to erase it, but you’ve got to understand also that you can’t erase things. You’ve got to man up, get on with your life and move on.” “There are other things that take up your time and your energy, such as winning the UFC title. That was first and foremost on my mind. But in the back of my head, of course, I’ve always been looking forward to getting into the octagon again with Pettis. He worked his way back up to the title shot. They gave it to him, so let’s do it.”

And how does Henderson picture the highly anticipated bout unfolding?  The champ, not surprisingly, believes: “I’m going to go out there and beat him up. I’m going to dominate him for five rounds.” We’ll get to find out in approximately six weeks. UFC 164 will be hosted by the Bradley Center in Milwaukee on August 31st, and the main card will be available via pay-per-view.