41 year old Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson (29-8) makes his triumphant return to the UFC. The infamous H-bomb was landed time and time again on the fellow Pride FC legend, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua (20-6) at UFC 139 in San Jose, CA. Shogun amazingly survived Hendersons onslaught and even mounted his own attacks, almost finishing the fight time and time again in the fourth and fifth round.  Here is the full play-by-play.

Round One:
Shogun lands first with a low leg kick. Henderson lands a right as Shogun come in for what looked like a shot. Shogun drops and Hendo grabs a guillotine. Rua escapes. Hendo catches Rua coming in again. Shogun resets and comes forward and eats a right. Shogun fails a shoot and lands an elbow on the way out. Shogun lands a shot behind the ear that rocks Dan. He survives grabbing a single-leg while taking shots. Shogun gets Henderson to the cage.

Round Two:
Shogun works the left jab. Shogun grabs the clinch and pushes it against the cage. Henderson pushes out and gets it to the center. Henderson comes forward landing an uppercut. Shogun does well covering up and survives the onslaught. Shogun starts to land his own combos in the exchanges. Shogun rushes forward and gets the clinch against the cage. Hendo reverses and attempts to throw some shots against the cage. Hendo is warned for grabbing the fence. The men are inactive at the cage and are reset by Ref. Rosenthal. Shogun lands a right and Henderson responds moments later with his own hook.

Round Three:
Shogun is throwing haymakers that are off target. Henderson comes forward with the uppercuts landing. Rua answers with some good side kicks. Henderson lands a big right that drops Rua. Hendo all over Shogun lands huge shots and Shogun in fetal position is miraculously able to recover. Rua goes for the heel hook but Henderson escapes and they are now standing. Rua clinches it against the cage. Shogun gets the slow takedown but eats some viscous elbows on the way down. Shogun lands some shots from the back to end the round.

Round Four:
Shogun goes for the single and gets it. Dan able to scramble up and Dan now takes the back and goes for a choke. Shogun slips and goes for a heel hook again and Dan quickly jumps away. Hendo gets the takedown and gets it. Henderson goes for the guillotine but Shogun able to get away. Dan stands and Shogun follows. Shogun lands an uppercut. Dan is rockedand is wobbled standing. Dan attempts the takedown and Shogun gets it instead. Hendo escapes top mount shockingly and survives the round on top.

Round Five:
Henderson starts wabbly. Shogun reverses Dan’s shoot again. Shogun in side control easily moves in to full mount. Shogun attempts to finish but Henderson Scrambles grabbing the neck of Rua. Henderson gets it to half guard. Shogun gets to full mount again and tries to finish. Dan turns and Rua goes for a head and arm. Shogun rains punches on Henderson for almost two minutes. Henderson is only surviving on the bottom holding Rua close. Hendo finally hip escapes and gets half guard. The fight ends with Rua in full mount again.

Dan Henderson defeats Shogun Rua via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

Henderson now on a four-fight win streak against top contenders is likely top contender for Jon Jones UFC light heavyweight title should he decide to continue fightingx.

Recent Victories:
Shogun Rua
Fedor Emelianenko (heavyweight bout)
Rafael Cavalcante (for Strikeforce light heavyweight title)
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