Former Bellator champ-turned-sometimes UFC star Hector Lombard isn’t a man to mince words. Faces he’ll mince, but words? Nope. So when he was asked about his thoughts on the TRT ban that’s sweeping the sport, Lombard – who’ll take on Jake Shields at UFC 171 on Saturday night – had no problem saying the magic word: “cheating”.

Here’s MMAFighting with the quote:

“Well there you go. If those guys don’t want to fight anymore, it’s for a reason, right?” Lombard said. “It boosts you up, it makes you stronger, it makes you faster. Your immune system goes through the roof. You can train four times a day. You don’t get tired. If you’re 40, you feel like 20. That’s the way it goes.

“It’s kind of like if you buy a Ford from the dealership. They don’t come all boosted up,” Lombard added. “Then you put extra horsepower and stuff like that, and you go like 120 miles an hour quicker. So it is what it is. Cheating is cheating.”

It’s worth noting that Lombard was an Olympian, and those athletes get tested quite a bit (and subsequently caught when they get funky with their hormones).

Also worth noting is that this is an article about TRT that contains the word “cheating”, and yet Vitor Belfort’s name isn’t mentioned. Oops. I mentioned it.