Hector Lombard was a dominant Bellator champ who came over to the UFC with all sorts of high expectations riding on his ability to perform. He didn’t quite shine though until he moved down a weight class, and his most recent win was a decision over Josh Burkman. But a postfight drug test failed because of the presence of an anabolic steroid – and now that subsequent fallout from that career gaff, has the Olympic judoka from Cuban sitting on the sidelines until next January. And given that Lombard is 37-years old in a younger man’s sport, that means he’s pretty much screwed.

As per MMAFighting, Lombard made this impassioned plea to the Nevada State Athletic Commission today:

“I have never knowingly put a prohibited substance into my body. That being said, just prior to my fight, I took a substance which I believe to have been acceptable to use. I relied on people I trusted to provide me with the correct information, and I take full responsibility for not getting more information about this product prior to my use.

“I ask this commission to take into account that I have never failed any previous drug test in all my of fighting, including all my years as an Olympic athlete. I am truly embarrassed and sorry for my actions. This will never happen again. As an older fighter, I do not have many fights left in my career, and I hope that I can use this time to help younger fighters to become more educated about people they trust.”

The Commission was unmoved, and in addition to the lengthy suspension, Lombard was fined just over $70,000.

Yeah, you can count Lombard out of any title runs or notions that he’d ever live up to his potential.