Coming off his decimation of former middleweight contender Nate Marquardt at UFC 166, Hector Lombard has chosen to call out a new opponent. One that he expects to help him move to the top of his new weight classes rankings quickly. Carlos Condit. And if not Carlos, “Lightning” says he wouldn’t mind taking on Danish brawler Martin Kampmann.

“I think that Carlos Condit is high ranked, right? Okay, I’ll take Carlos Condit. Or Kampmann (ranked 7th). My style of fighting has nothing to do with judo. I love judo, and I’m always going to love judo, and I’m always gonna be calling myself a judo player. I trained that sport for seven years. I went everywhere in judo and I competed at the highest level. But, I don’t use judo at all. I knock people out. I like to be exciting. That was my goal a long time ago, I want to be exciting, and I want the people to want to watch me fight. Unfortunately judo is not as exciting as MMA. So I tried to develop a style where [people] would come see me fight. So I started training stand-up, and I got myself an instructor. That’s how I like to fight, I don’t like to grapple. I like to stand up. If somebody has to get KOed, somebody has to go out.” – Via

With the former Bellator champ looking impressive at his new weight class, it wouldn’t be too farfetched for the UFC to make the desired match-up against the former WEC champ. Condit has been on the hunt for another title shot, but with only a win over Kampmann after losing his shot, he will be in need of one or two more wins in order to jump back in the title picture.