The conspiracy of Georges St-Pierre cheating with performance enhancers continues. Despite the champ never failing a test, his opponent Johny Hendricks as well as other past opponents are insinuating that “Rush” is unnaturally enlarged. After a question by the media about “Big Rigg’s” own refusal to take the VADA testing alongside St-Pierre, Hendricks retorts with his own criticism of his opponent.

“I’m not going to lay my life into [St-Pierre’s] hands,” Hendricks said. “I said WADA. WADA is so much tougher than VADA. They don’t do drug tests where he just ‘randomly’ gets tested the first time a camera is around. WADA, you’re scheduled for 3-4 months, and they have to know exactly where you’re at. And if you don’t show up within an hour of when they call you, you fail.”

“He picked the wrong guy,” the challenger said. “He picked the wrong guy to do a drug test. Why didn’t he do it six years ago? The last six fights, the last six years, he won’t do it. Why does he do it now?”

“I don’t care if he passes,” Hendricks continued. “I don’t care if he took the drug test. I want him to be the best GSP he can be. If that’s on something, that’s on something. If that’s not, that’s not. I’m not sweating.”

At this point Hendricks is asked bluntly, do you think GSP is using steroids?

“I don’t care. Have you seen him in the last two months? He shrank a little bit, hasn’t he? Realistically, I don’t know. I saw him on the press tour. The only thing I know is whenever I step into the Octagon, do I still have a six-pack? … Everybody bloats a little bit. You don’t put a little water in your system without bloating. You don’t put 20 pounds of water in your system without bloating. If he needs that to beat me, I got beat by the drug. I don’t need drugs to win. I’ve proven that. If I can’t be champ without them, I’ll never revert to drugs to be champ.” – Open work-outs.

A reporter chimes in asking if he respects GSP as an athlete.

“What I don’t have respect for is implying that I’m on steroids when he knows nothing about me,” Hendricks replied. “Has anyone accused me of steroids? Has anyone accused me of being on drugs. Hell no. … I’ve been clean my whole entire life, and all of a sudden, some dude who doesn’t know me, he’s been accused the last six years of being on something, he picks me and says I must be on something because I don’t want to follow the Pony train to VADA.”

If Johny Hendricks is right, the athletic commission is failing miserably in their testing process. St-Pierre has been tested countless times in his 9 and a half year run with the organization. Either GSP is the slickest PED tester or St-Pierre is the victim of a long running rumor.